Our driveway is challenging. The truck guys that came to pick up some furniture weren't expecting the icey uphill turn ... it didn't go well. 'No 'furniture spill' to report. Everybody got where they needed to go. But, we all relate to the panicky sweaty feeling of driving too close to the edge.

In honor of today's driveway mishap, let me remind you to take it slow today. Nothing that crosses your path is worth sending you over the edge. Nothing. If there's something right now that has your stress elevated and your life in a tipping balance, stop. Breathe. Take it slow. Pray. Call somebody for help. Whatever it takes. Don't go over the edge.



lindyjroberts said...

A very important reminder- thank you!!

Andrea said...

Thanks, Kel; I really needed this today! Aunt Jeannenundoli

scottnkandi said...

You are so right friend. I'm so glad that I had YOU to call on when I needed help. Thank you!

Kleigh (clAy) said...

@Lindy. Great to hear from you, sweet JBU girl. THanks!
@ANdrea. I'm so glad! Happy to have you stop by The SPiLL, Aunt Jeanne!
@Kandi. : )