Tackle It.

Tackling the Mess.

The day of reckoning arrived. The hallway linen closet had gained a will of its own and needed to be tamed. Piles of towels and sheets had been displaced in the laundry room for weeks, waiting for their designated cupboard parking spaces to clear. Two full Goodwill donation bags helped clear the space and I won the battle! The closet is redeemed, for now.

There's something motivating about other people's before and after stories. Which is why I want you to see these pictures -- and be encouraged. Tackling just one closet or messy drawer can be extremely satisfying.

So, if you need a winter blues boost, take the Spring Closet Challenge with me. You don't have to conquer the world and put it all back in order -- just tackle one closet or drawer. And, if you're like me, you'll find yourself pathetically walking past the newly clean space just to stop to stare.
Somehow, it's an empowering simplicity -- especially when other parts of life are feeling a bit chaotic. So, go ahead. Tackle it.



Rita said...

Just the extra boost I need to get back at it. I started out great a few weeks ago and lost interest now. I think I will get back at it today. Thanks, my friend. Have a grrrreat day!