Where have I been? Juggling.

I'm that lady in the picture, juggling worlds. There are seasons when days and weeks take on a familiar rhythm, like a juggler's constant catch and release. And lately, I've been feeling like some mean instructor has been tossing extra objects into my circle at an accelerated pace.

I usually think of my life in segments like classes in a schedule. In each, I am learning, growing. The schedule changes according to season. My current life-classes are:

Raising Sons 101
Music Appreciation
Practicing Christian Spirituality
Writing for Money
Communication & Intimacy in Marriage
College Scholarships
The Art of Home Management

Let's just say, those classes are balls. More specifically, those things that demand daily learning and attention are juggler's balls. According to my list, I have at least seven. That's the kind of juggling I'm talking about.

Life Juggling. It takes practice.
This much I know:
    Discernment. Over time, I'm learning to stop and set down some of my balls, because honestly, you can only juggle so much.
      Timing. Since I tend to be kind of obsessive compulsive, sometimes I'll hone in on one ball too long and everything else crashes to a halt. My laundry room and office desk are my barometers for this. When left in a holding pattern too long, they lose momentum and crash explosively into mounded piles of clothes or paper.
        Limits. Or, sometimes I overestimate my ability and let someone throw in one project too many -- like a tossed chainsaw or a bowling ball. This usually happens when I utter these words without stopping to think first:
        "Sure, I can do that for you, real quick."
        "No problem, just let me know when you need it."
        (Cue the toss of a huge dangerous object.) I can't juggle chainsaws or bowling balls. It's important to learn limits and balance.

        Like I said, this takes practice. And it matters.
        What we juggle takes our focus, attention, contact, time.

        For the sake of describing the abstract juggle of life, I did a little reading on the actual art of juggling. Maybe I'll fill you in on that sometime. But for now, some food for thought ...

        Think About It:
        What 'life-classes' are you juggling right now?
        What things takes your time, your heart, your focus?
        Is any one thing stealing too much time and causing you to drop other balls?

        Pause. Think.
        It's worth evaluating.


        Debbie Maxwell Allen said...

        Love this post, Kelly!

        sibbi said...

        boy! can I relate to this one...looks like I need to take a little time and at least identify the balls I am juggling! I'm not sure I am even aware of some of them...maybe that's why things seem so crazy!
        thanks so much for these thoughts and pondering they urge

        Kleigh (clAy) said...

        I'm glad I'm not the only juggler!
        Thnx for checking in, Debbie and Sibbi.