What to Say.

Struggling for what to say ...
My last post was a nod to the earthquake's aftermath. Since then, I've been conflicted about how to re-engage with my blog. How do you restart conversation after devastation? A shared catastrophe like Haiti makes everyday life feel trite in comparison.

Consider This:
Hundreds of thousands of people are dead and dying in historic human tragedy, and, next on The Spill "The Perils of My Bad Haircut."

See what I mean?
The day after the earthquake, I sat down to read one of my favorite blog authors. She was talking about taking the big risk to go without make-up and do a "Real Me" video post. Her blog week continued without mention of the thousands who were in process of dying, buried in rubble. Not to be too hard on a young-mom blogger. I know from personal experience that tiny kids can make us moms myopic. She probably has her posts automatically scheduled to run regardless of what's happening in the world. There's probably a good reason. She gets my benefit of a doubt.

My point is the stark contrasts that emerge in crisis. Going without makeup? Finding a new arm chair? How much weight we gained over the holiday? Really? This matters? Maybe these comfortable crises did matter before the earthquake. But now ...

Have you felt it, too?
A healthy hyper-awareness comes with crisis. A big internal scale comes out of nowhere and begins measuring what really matters in day.

So, before The Spill can continue, my internal scale needs to speak:

Malfunctioning appliances: Don't Matter.
My children's well-being: Matters.
Peace that only God can give: Matters.
The way that person just flipped me off in traffic: Doesn't Matter.
My marriage: Matters.
A new coat of exterior paint for my house: Doesn't Matter.
Clean water flowing out of my faucet: Matters.
Food to share: Matters.
My bad haircut: Doesn't matter ... at all.
Hope for our shared & fragile human condition: Matters ... most.

'That said, we proceed.

Next on The Spill, what I learned from a visiting homeless woman ... and green beans.
As always, thanks for choosing to be here.


Speak for the those who can't speak for themselves;
ensure justice for those being crushed.
Proverbs 31:8


Kelly said...

I have felt exactly this. Thank you for putting it into writing and sharing it with us.

Carol Jenkins said...

Suffering has the unique ability to simplify and complicate our lives in the same nano-second. Fortunately, its lasting gift is the most precious of all - a God-focused perspective.