Grace's Weight

A Heavy Metaphor

My good friend Grace is extremely thin.

"How thin is she?"

She's so thin that you can't see her if she turns sideways.

Seriously, I love Grace's qualities. Sometimes she's hard to find in a crowd because she's unassuming, like a shadow or a wallflower. Because she's quiet, sometimes I forget she's around and I feel bad about that. But I've never seen her be judgmental, bitter, or unforgiving. She's always the opposite. I'm not exaggerating. When we spend time together somehow I become a better version of myself. Her presence in my life is an unmerited gift.

What's strangest about Grace is her weight. She appears grossly thin by human standards, but in reality she's freakishly heavy -- like a rock from Jupiter. When skinny Grace steps naked on a scale, logic would tell you the needle isn't going to move much. But she spins the needle. Standard weights and measures go flying. Under the surface Grace is actually a giant -- weighty in a way that defies natural law, gravity and reason.

Judging from a distance, you'd think Grace is weak, fragile. But once you get up close and personal, once you honestly receive Grace and see the world through her eyes, an otherworldly paradox becomes apparent.

The tiniest grace has the power to tip the largest scales.

Weak by human standards.



Defying natural law.

Heavy enough to tip

the justice

of an unbiased scale.

An unmerited gift.



That's grace's weight.


Looking for more?

Better and deeper descriptions of "Grace" can be found in The Bible.

The book of Romans, chapter 3

or the book of Ephesians, chapter 2, verses 1-9.


Tassie said...

admiration flowing freely. well written. Now I'll be thinking about freakishly heavy grace.Thanks for the fresh look.