Webbed Feet

I am now stepping into the mud of web world. This month, I am launching my personal website. Go ahead check it out. Browse around. And most of all, please leave comments.

What do you see?
How's it working?
What do you think?

Really. Be honest.
I'd love to hear you input.

Kelley J. Leigh

[clAy] jar dot com




Kelly said...

Kelley, When I open your website it appears on only part of my screen and the print is too small for my old eyes to read. No other sites do this on my computer so I believe it may be an issue with your site. Can't wait to check it out!


Kleigh (clAy) said...

Thanks for the feedback! It should be working.
Give it another try!

Shelly said...

The site is beautiful and original, just like you.

Carol said...

What an amazing website - I didn't see a thing that I would change. It is really amazing to me that people know how to do that stuff...! Good job!

sibbi said...

I really like the site. You are really putting yourself out there. I would love to hear all that comes to pass as a result of this new step. It is very exciting and I am excited for what you will be doing. It was very informative, creative, colorful, and engaging. I need to go back and put it on my favorites list so I can always find it. :)

Kleigh (clAy) said...

Thanks, everybody!!
I appreciate the thoughts and feedback!