A Snow Day Army

It’s a kid’s version of winning the lottery. This week, extreme cold iced the streets, froze our breath, and closed the schools. When the scrolling text on the bottom of the television screen finally announced “Teller RE-2, CLOSED” my sons all smiled and exhaled a relieved, “Yesss!” The lottery was won. Homework halted. It was freedom for a day at our house.

Snow days magnify overlooked parts of a regular day. School is cancelled and suddenly the house feels a little warmer inside. The snow gleams a little brighter. Unused sleds regain their downhill fun factor. Dry hot chocolate that’s gone untouched in the pantry for weeks now steams in hot milky mugs. Granted, too many snowbound days and cabin fever starts to wear down the joy. That’s for sure. But, on a single and unexpectedly “cancelled” day, the gift of open time makes ordinary things extraordinary.

Army Blocks. On our last snow day, long-forgotten plastic army guys started knocking to be let out of their dusty box. Our 20 year old bucket of simple wooden blocks came shuffling out of hiding. And a full arena of Capture the Flag appeared on the floor. A toy story war unfolded in the living room.

And, in case you’re desperate for a low tech/ non-Wii Christmas gift idea for a boy in your life, honestly, there’s nothing like simple wooden blocks and a bag of little plastic army guys. Sometimes it's good to go unplugged. Here’s snow day proof ...