Band Mom

Andrew Witt & Band
(Pictured from left, Andrew Leigh, Andrew Witt, Pedro Quinones, Ian Krug)

Last weekend, I got to go see Andrew play, in a new band, for the first time. Actually, we've done this kind of 'band' before. But back then, it was a hobby, not a career. Andrew and Ty were in a band for several years during middle school and high school. Their band "Doxology" has come and gone with their new stages in life. The t-shirts are all that remain.

I am once again a band mom. But this time, my son is a working musician. Now, it's his career -- not his hobby. With that, my place in the audience of his life has become vastly different. It needs to be. I'm his fan, not his life manager. And that's pretty much exactly what it means to be the parent of a young adult. In life and band, this new role makes it a little easier to sit back and enjoy the music. I might just go ahead and buy a t-shirt!

Here are pictures from last weekend -- Andrew Witt in Concert (I know, the double Andrew's can be confusing). Since some of you have asked, I'm posting. Thanks to Doug Leavy for these pictures!

2 Andrews
Andrew Witt
Andrew Leigh

For a complete list of upcoming shows, check out the website.


Sue the Sister-in-Law said...

Hey Kel--I've been seeing lots of photos on Facebook of this incredibly handsome young man who looks way too handsome and mature to be my nephew and your husband's son. I think you should post the picture of the really chubby propped-up baby in the sailor suit so we can remember how Andrew is supposed to look.