Sheep Market

Even the most talented artists end up doing the most unlikely side-jobs. Making a successful living as an artist usually demands a Whatever-It-Takes attitude. Before Mona Lisa, Leonardo DaVinci also worked as a scientist and an inventor. For a time, Renoit was a shoe-tailor and a dress maker. And before his multiple 15 minutes of fame, Andy Warhol made greeting cards and designed graphic rain drops, suns, and clouds for TV weather reports. Whatever-it-Takes.

My friend Lois recently stumbled upon an unexpected side-job which I find hilarious. Lois does all sorts of things as a professional artist. She does live art murals during concerts or private events. She re-designs rooms. She illustrates books. Sometimes she'll randomly get a job to paint a watercolor rendition of a beloved guitar or bike. And on her own time, she quietly paints memorial portraits for parents who have lost children. She has a whole portfolio of children who have passed away. Lois' heart spills into her portraits of human forms and facial expressions.

So, when she recently hooked up with a couple of exclusive gallery owners, it seemed only natural that she would create more pictures with humans. However, she was quickly informed that humans don't sell. Right now, sheep sell. People want art with sheep.

So, Lois put on her muddy shoes and brought her whatever-it-takes attitude out to a friend's sheep barn in order to do photo studies and sketches. Lois spent a lot of time learning sheep, then got to work capturing them a huge framed pictures. Her first sheep picture went to the gallery and a few days later, Lois got a call from one of the owners. Three women were in the store, arguing about who would get the sheep picture. It sold to the highest bidder. And, there is still quite a sheep demand. So now, among her many other artistic things, Lois is also in the business of sheep. And it makes me laugh out loud.

Turns out, sheep sell. 'Who knew?

'Whatever it takes.

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Anonymous said...

There needs to be a "love" button, because just saying I "like" this post isn't quite adequate. God clearly delights in the quirky and unexpected. He loves surprises. And I think He's getting a heart-felt belly laugh out of those sheep!

Anonymous said...

Lois does GREAT sheep--you can almost see the personality of each. Love it!