A New Moon

This just in ...
Tuesday, 6:30pm, Thanksgiving Break.

Tonight, we were pondering going to a very popular teen girl flick, newly released in theaters this week. Isaac (14) wanted to go to the movie, but then he discovered that he had to go with his parents and explained (this is a direct quote):
"this could be socially destructive to my ego."
As a solution, he requested that we go to a theater that isn't here in town.
We are not going to a theater in a different town. So, Steve and I are going by ourselves. Somehow we just earned ourselves a date night. Excellent. Turns out, there are benefits to having teens.
'More reason to be grateful!


re:becca said...

Tell me what you thought about the movie! Emily (12) and Ethan (9) really want to go but am unsure if its too old for them.

Kleigh said...

Well He-lloo re:becca!
That's a very lovely profile picture I must say.
We just got back from the movie. Steve and I have been pondering your question. Our final answer:
If you let your kids go to Harry Potter, than you will be fine with this. If not, then the creepy factor may be too high. The werewolves and such are jumpy and potential nightmare fodder. So ... it depends on your best judgment. Happy Minnesota Thanksgiving, to you!

Sue the Sister-in-Law said...

Isaac is wise beyond his years. My family was all about togetherness. Several times when I ran on to the gym floor with the team to warm up before a basketball game, the bleachers would be completely empty except for one row where my grandparents, my parents, my aunt and my little brother (now Isaac's dad/Kelley's husband) all sat, waiting for the game to begin. I still bear scars of attending the Don Knotts and Tim Conway movie, The Private Eyes with my parents, three grandparents, my aunt, and again, my little brother. We all drove together in my grandparents' suburban and as we unloaded right in front of our small town theater, who should arrive but my high school's entire varsity boys' basketball team. When we got seated, the particular team member that I was most interested in was sitting right behind me. Ever after that, my family was known as "Roots," named after a popular TV miniseries about a multigenerational family. Run, Isaac run, and don't look back!

Kleigh said...

The thought of your little mismatched tribe sitting in the empty bleachers, waiting for you to play b-ball... omygoodness.
Roots, indeed.

Since Isaac rarely reads my blog, I will definitely pass this along.

'SOOO hilarious.
Thanks, Sue.