My Space

Creating a Space of Your Own. It's hard to be creative and cheap. And, it's a challenge to find personal space in the home of a big family. In case you are looking for your own, here's how I found mine.

The only place available in our full house is a rectangle at the end of my bedroom. There is a picture window and sunshine. It works. But initially, the jumble of bed space and studio made the room feel like one big & crazy visual mess.


A Divine Line. My friend Shelly found this big wooden louvered window-shade-thing at a garage sale. I adopted it for my writing space and hung a curtain. Now two different functional spaces are separated. The room is full, but a little more calm because, when you walk in the door you can't immediately see THIS...

My friends Adina and Shane helped me retro-fit a former executive secretary desk into window work space, storage for my wild piles and the cat. (Can you find the cat napping on the window shelf? Or, the autographed pix of Huey Lewis on the corkboard?) The busier I am, the messier it gets. It's a visual barometer of the pace of my life. Maybe you relate.

I call this my Desk-From-God because a couple years ago I literally prayed for a desk. I made this ludicrous proclamation -- more like a challenge than a request, really. "God, if you want me to write, you need to give me a bigger desk. And it needs to be free."

And here it is, free and perfect, an act of God. I'm letting you see the honest mess of it -- so you can feel more normal, or better than me. 'Which ever works.

The favorite landing spot. The green flowery couch came from an estate sale. Wow, it sure is ugly, and I sure love it. You can read about it in DIRT. And, watch for this homely loveseat in the upcoming website Tattered Couch. It's an exciting project that I'm working on with Laura from Cereal for Dinner. It's due to launch in February. I'll keep you posted.

And lastly,
the cat isn't dead. He's just demonstrating how I feel right now. And that's exactly why, even if not in a deliberately curtained space, it's good to have a place to take a breather. We all need space to stop, refocus, rest, pray or meditate when days are long and demanding. So, if it's needed, I hope you can find your own space today, too.

Click here to see the cat get a Holiday Bath.



Jamsco said...

Is that cat any relation to Bailey?

Kleigh said...

I just want to point out that you fed Bailey ear wax. I'm not going to provide any more details. But, yes, it's true.

And no... sadly. There is no relation. Bailey started peeing in the bed of our third infant son -- in protest perhaps. So she went to live with Steve's Grandma. She died about 9 years ago after a long happy life.

I love that you remember the contraband college cat. Thanks for making me laugh!

Anonymous said...

I almost wish I could print these pictures and post them someplace loud for myself. In the midst of seeing God be generous and kind, I find myself longing for more. Where is the thankful heart God longs to see in me?

So, I will remember He was generous to you in a very specific way. I will remember that more recently He has been generous to me in very specific ways. And I will speak thanks.


Jamsco said...

I was afraid you remembered that. I recall that you were mildy troubled by it. I can't be held responsible for things I did twenty years ago.

You got the name from WKRP, right?