The Goodnight Thing

Continuing in a series about my artist friends ....
today, a shameless plug for a really great children's book.

Rarely does a bed time story model healthy positive touch between father and daughter. As the rare exception, the simple words of "The Goodnight Thing" are sweet holistic inspiration. Rich Hurst captures a spiritual and physical bond between parent and child. And, the sweeping, rollicking illustrations by Lois Rosio-Sprague are worth the price of the book! These pictures both engage and soothe ... a perfect bedtime balance.

With Christmas fast approaching, I recommend this bedtime book as a perfect gift for children and grandparents. And, maybe, we could even arrange an autographed copy ( I haven't cleared this idea with Lois yet.)

Interested in purchasing an autographed copy? Leave a comment!

Order a regular copy of "The Goodnight Thing" on
or contact Lois Rosio Sprague's website directly.


Debbie Maxwell Allen said...

I agree that this is an excellent book. I had the privilege of watching some of the illustrations come to life. Lois is a gifted artist, and this book will become a wonderful bedtime tradition for families.

Rita said...

I think Julie would love this book. She has a regular bedtime routine with Jackson her 3 yr old and Westley is 7 mos. and will be getting into that very soon. Tell me how to get an autographed copy and what the cost would be. Love your work as always and Lois is amazing! What a gift from God!

Kleigh said...

I am slow responding. Sorry!
Hey, I'll talk to Lois in the morning and let you know the details.