Clicks and Scribbles

It's been a crazy couple of weeks with one thing after the next. Pages of my random scribbles and notes are waiting to be deciphered. They are my only hope of remembering much of anything that zoomed by these last days. I'm not kidding. My brain acquired a small memory leak when I hit 40.

Benjamin Franklin said, "A small leak can sink a great ship." So I'm thinking my prognosis is not good.
Pen scribbles and notes-to-self are my only hope of gaining wisdom from days that have quickly disappeared in line behind me. And hopefully, at least some small part of my notes will translate into something worth sharing. We'll see ...
In the meantime, random clicks of my computer's camera are all I have to offer.

Three goofy pictures and many thanks for stopping by. 'More actual thoughts later ... really. ~Kleigh



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Kelly said...

Kelly, I love those photos! I am so jealous of your computer camera! :)

Anonymous said...

I find your face delightful. Just sayin.

Maureen said...

SO cute!

Rita said...

Kelly you are so cute and you haven't change over these several years if not seeing each other. I get excited when I see there is a new SPILL. Keep them coming. They are meaningful to me every time. I call the "leak" STIML for "Short Term Memory Loss". Love ya!

sibbi said...

I love the pictures! Yeah! you have now updated you along with all the other family. It is ALWAYS good to "see" you! Ahhhh yes, days whizzing by...days and nights! know your if only I were smart enough to jot down things from the days to remember them. homeschool attendance is hard when one can't remember what we did from one day to the next! :) love you!