Art Spill

by Adina

Maybe it's the mountains that attract this type. Maybe these people have an inner magnetic that just irresistibly pulls me where they are. Maybe it's because my brain is so grossly lop-sided to the artistic and abstract right-side. There's no making sense of it, but a bulk of the people I know and love are artists. They are painters, sculptors, writers, dancers, and musicians

The next series of the Spill will be the art that surrounds my life. I want to share the language of my friends with you.

SPILL. (above) My tall friend Adina Hendersen decided to splash an homage to this blog and named it "SPILL." Adina's Grampa was a sculptor. Her mom went to high school with my mom in Virginia. Oddly, we became friends in Colorado without a clue that our moms had done the same decades earlier, hundreds of miles away. You can imagine our shock when we quite randomly discovered this small-world mom-commonality years later. "Our Moms what?!" Funny.

Adina does enormous wall murals, and tiny watercolors. She paints doors, furniture, and stage backdrops for theater. You never know what she's up to. I knew Adina for a long while before I found out she is an artist. They first time I saw a painting of hers, it made me cry -- in a good way.

I'm grateful for her take on The Spill. To me, it's a good example of how spilling stuff interacts and impacts. The blending, splattering, and mixing of colors is somehow, to me, a great picture of the messy challenges and transformation that come with living in community. If you come out unchanged, you aren't really living in it.

Thanks for this Spill, Adina.

What art offers is space -
a certain breathing room for the spirit.
John Updike


Anonymous said...

Your turn to make me bawl.