Apparently, I have a potato issue. The grocery store doors slid open, I pushed my cart out into the parking lot, and a small brown object rolled out into the road. Then another ... and another.... and another. There was a small parade of rolling potatoes tumbling across the crosswalk before I figured out that the escaping russets were mine. The bag sitting on the bottom of my cart had come open.

Four or five people scattered in different directions, running after potatoes. The sloping Colorado parking lot outside Citimarket made my little spud incident into kinetic run away. Eventually, the potato chasers all kindly walked back to me with handfuls to return. I stood with the bag open and thanked each one as they dropped my escapees back in the bag.
"Thank you." (plunk)
"Thank you so much for running after that." (plunk)
"Thanks for chasing those." (plunk)
The bag was refilled. It felt like I had been caught up in an odd parking lot harvest ritual.

This isn't the first time I've been humbled by a potato. And I'm not sure what to make of it this repeat occurrence. It's relevant, because my first spud experience really landed me with the premise for this blog. The Spill: "When something is spilling, it merits attention." So, in honor of today's spill, I'm posting my original potato incident.

Who knew it would start with a potato?


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An update on The Spill Factor (written in 2006). We no longer have a huge GMC Suburban. I no longer have any elementary school sons. And my little economy car actually no longer has a sticky seats, or a flurry of objects falling out of it (Well, more accurately, when it does, it's not as bad, and I'm now the one to blame).

This should be an encouragement to young moms everywhere. In time, motherhood does in fact start feeling a little less dominated by small stray objects. And, the spills change their form. The things I soak up or pick up are no longer oozing juice boxes, dirty diapers, and Happy Meal toys. Our spills are now the outflow of things like music, sports, and a lot of conversation. And, for the most part, my car is better for it.

(I have a couple more posts to go in Memory & Music. Stay Tuned.
In the meantime, as always, thanks so much for reading along!)


Heather said...

You are so so funny! I love The Spill Factor! And thanks for reminding me that one day I will rid my car of Happy Meal toys...Love you tons.

Julie said...

So I guess now we can call this the Spud Factor! Love the potato theme that keeps rolling through your life...what does it all mean???
Oh how I love you my friend.

Kelly said...

I love the description of your potato incident. It was a joy to read.

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