Memory Music: Part III

This 1984 MTV video by Lionel Richie was completely dreamy as far as I was concerned. My friend Maureen Blandford and I had some odd ongoing conversation about this song because I was a dork about it, trying to act like I was already "sick of it" being overplayed on the radio right after it came out. She kept trying to tell me that it hadn't been out long enough for me to be sick of it. Truth is, I loved the song. I was just trying to be so cool and cutting edge. Time outted me. It's now very clear to everyone, my sons included, that nothing about me, or Lionel Ritchie, is cutting edge. So be it.

This music memory is a pop story ballad that launches me back to my senior year. It is Lionel's "Hello" and it comes with a nod to Maureen, who is usually right.
: )


Kimleonard said...

Kel, since you like the original video, you have to check out The Hello Experiment, in which a group of sculptors try to make a sculpture of Lionel Richie's head while blindfolded. Fun stuff.


Tassie said...

Lionel, Huey, Peter Cetera. . Much as I'd hum along with your nostalgia, I've gotta draw the line here. A prof hitting on a student is just plain creepy. Maybe those were different days--I doubt any respectable artist would make this video today!

Kleigh said...

Most respectable artists wouldn't do much anything that was done in the '80's. Especially the big hair. But I'll grant you the creep factor on this one... from a parent's perspective. Can't defend myself as a 17 year old, though. Mostly the topic was about my stupidness with Maureen.

And, hey I met Huey Lewis a couple years ago. Really! A crazy moment... :)

Maureen said...

Wow. I actually always liked this song but didn't remember the creepy factor. Yowza.

What fun we had, Kel. Salad days.