Add Huey.

Huey & Me.
Minneapolis, 2006

How did I forget Huey?
A friend just reminded me about Huey Lewis and the News. So now my High School Favorites list has to be revised. Add Huey. But I'm not going to add a youtube of "The Power of Love" or "Do you Believe in Love" or "Walking on a Thin Line." Why? The music is worth turning up. But the video cringe factor is killing me. I just can't watch anymore vintage MTV. I can't stand any more big hair with stiff anti-gravity bangs and clothes in those colors. I'm done with that kind of reminiscing. Saturated.

So, I'll pull Huey into present tense. Let's leave the 80's and head back to the future. I actually met Huey 3 years ago. It was my last gig as a paid musician (flute/midi) with a group called, Stone Table. We were playing in Minneapolis for Westone, an awesome company that makes a variety of in-ear monitor systems. They have a whole slew of music industry clients like Brad Paisely, Flyleaf, Christina Aguillera, James Taylor. The list of artists who use their in-ear systems is impressive. Anyhow, I was there for a convention. And it was a blast.

Huey was there representing a company ... and I got to meet him. We have a hearing impairment in common. His daughter's name is the same as mine. And, yes, he's aged. But, maybe this picture of Huey is an honest barometer of how 80's kids have all aged, right beside him.

Thanks for the reminder, Tass.


Scott Jamison said...

Nice leapord skin . . whatever that thing is.

Kleigh said...

Thanks, Scott!