Kitchen Wars

It has to happen, sooner or later. The kitchen must be conquered.

When the garbage disposal continues to vomit into the sink
When the fridge opens, and I involuntarily reach to catch whatever might be falling out
When I wander into the pantry and wonder if the food is being held hostage by the chaos
When the pots and pans are stacked so precariously that none can be retrieved without a deafening crash.
When there is not one matching lid for any of the plastic food containers, and a wild pile of both.
When the dishwasher refuses to fully rinse anything on either rack
When there are unrecognizable things lurking in the freezer
It's time to do battle.

I have spent the last few weeks, in short sessions here and there, reclaiming my kitchen. One cabinet straightened here, one pantry shelf there. One pile to Goodwill here, one sink conquered there. Little by little, it's been a slow gaining of ground, and happily, I finally feel like I've won the war. So, this week, in honor of the Kitchen War, the next few posts will be ... well... something from the kitchen.
'Come on back!



Barbie said...

Apple cider vinegar is another one of those "magical, cheap kitchen staples". From washing vegies to cleaning whatever, to curing little doggies of bladder infections as well as numerous human ailments. See -- a wealth of info.