3 Bears

Pictured below are the bears that wandered through, yesterday. A mom and two babies -- black and cinnamon. They emptied our neighbor's feeders and lounged around long enough for us to stand around on our patio and enjoy a good long look.
Thanks to Tina for the great pictures!!


Barbie said...

Yikes -- what does your dog think about that?!! Our dog weighs 8 pounds and I always think she would make a nice little "snack" for some wild creature. Bet they were fun to watch though....

Kleigh said...

Our dog was whiney all day b/c they were out there. She's a pretty big dog and could chase 'em off pretty easily. But we keep her in when they're out. And ... yes... your little precious dog would probably not last a long time out here. Although not from the bears -- the big cats or foxes are the 'snack' eaters.

'Sounds like your puppy is in the perfect home!
: )