It's paint-by-numbers poetry. It probably offends true poets everywhere.  I wrote this poem by following a template on the web. And it was pretty fun. I'm going to have my sons each write one while we are on the road to a family reunion next week. At least two of them will not enjoy doing it at all.  So be it.  I birthed them.  They owe me.

You can write your own "I AM" poem, or have your friend, spouse, siblings, or kids do it, too. Just go to the website and fill in the blanks.  It's a good process that takes a little thought.  Be serious, ridiculous, or funny, it doesn't matter. It's your "I AM."  

If you do one, please copy it as a comment below.  I'd love to publish a whole bunch of 'em on this blog.  Go for it!

The "I AM" poem link:  http://ettcweb.lr.k12.nj.us/forms/iampoem.htm

I Am

I am random and intuitive. 
I wonder why God chose sacrifice as his final answer. 
I hear my heart beating. 
I see beyond this dimension, sometimes. 
I want to grow. 
I am random and intuitive.

I pretend that I am confident. 
I feel like a feather that is just floating through. 
I touch my sons' lives. 
I worry that I have not given them what they need. 
I cry about children unsafe and people lost. 
I am random and intuitive. 

I understand that I am a clay jar, full of a power that is not my own. 
I say life's main point is found in loving God and people. 
I dream about tornadoes. 
I try to give very little advice and ask a lot of questions. 
I hope that my life is remembered as a broken arrow that pointed straight to Jesus. 
I am random and intuitive.



slw said...

I Am

I am able to love and listen
I wonder why the heart can ache
I hear the wind speaking
I see the grass, trees, and flowers dancing
I want those I love to be wise and well
I am able to love and listen

I pretend to write letters
I feel star struck
I touch a hand
I worry about not doing a good job
I cry over a loved one's decisions
I am able to love and listen

I understand that life is short
I say quietness is soothing
I dream that heaven will feel like home
I try not to be angry
I hope I made a difference
I am able to love and listen

Kleigh said...

Beautiful, slw!

Kellee said...

I Am

I am intuitive and passionate
I wonder if we will someday be able to time travel
I hear the baby voices of my children when the fan is on
I see poetry
I want to believe that I am lovable just as I am
I am intuitive and passionate

I pretend that I receive Oscars in the shower
I feel crazy when there is no creative outlet
I touch strangers with encouragement when I least expect it
I worry I will die before mastering loving others as I love self
I cry when I need my dad
I am intuitive and passionate

I understand that we are all in the middle of a great battle
I say do what you are created to do
I dream in color
I try to control my temper
I hope my children will trust in the Lord
I am intuitive and passionate