The Cup Speaks

Today, I was sitting at a fast food spot with my husband when my cup started talking. It wasn't just announcing the latest Meal Deal. My medium sized ice-coffee was talking to me, and to everybody around me, about me.
The red words framed in the middle of my cup, explained to me what was happening. Were it not for those words, I would have gone the rest of my day without knowing. Turns out, the cup had a lot to say. I had no idea. Really.
My cup was apparently making a statement. It was saying that I am an "ambitious yet responsible person." Which, I must say, is flattering. It was also declaring to anybody who was looking, that I "know exactly what I want in life, nothing more, nothing less." And, wow, that makes me feel a little proud. Like, who's been watching me? How does this cup KNOW? Because, if I were really honest, I would have said that isn't exactly how I usually feel, at all. But, you know, now that the cup said it ... now that I dig deep and think about it... yeah... that totally describes me. And, as though that weren't prophetic enough, the cup says I "could have gone larger" but I didn't. And, bulls-eye that I "could have gone smaller but again," I deferred. This cup knows me in a freakish way and it's announcing me to the world.
My whole life to this point has been wasted on the belief that a cup is just a container for my beverage. But, today is a brand new day. Life starts now.
So, yeah ... I want to say it right now, "Listen to the cup everybody." I am in total agreement with the cup. My cup's got something to say.

"This cup makes a statement about you.
It says, "Hey, look at me, I'm an ambitious yet responsible person."
You could have gone larger, but you didn't.
You could have gone smaller, but again, you deferred.
No, you know exactly what you want in life,
nothing more, nothing less.
It's good when you



Some of you may have thought I was serious about the cup. Which just goes to show I have a ways to go before writing satire. The cup bothered me to no end, and I found myself involuntarily saying out loud to Steve across the table as I read the cup, "Really?!" and "No." and "This is too much."
To be clear, I think cups are just cups. They do not have my permission to make statements about me ... or you It's just stupid marketing that needs to stop.


Christian said...

just got done checking out some of your posts. I miss sitting in your office while you write and ask for my opinion. thanks for everything kelley leigh.

Barb said...

Kelley! This is Barb (Boutelle) Parsons. We saw your folks at my Mom's memorial service on Saturday and your Mom gave me the link to your blog. How fun! I love it and will check back often. It was so wonderful to have your folks at the service -- they were so dear to come from Chicago. Much love to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

If only I had a cup... Here I am soul searching when THE CUP has been 2 miles and 99 cents away all along. What a shmoe I am. ;)
Much Love,

Kleigh said...

@Chrish. I miss having you hang out on the ugly green couch. For sure. And, your opinion still matters!!

@Barb. I'm so glad you are a Spill Reader now!!

@Heather. Thank you for getting it. Schmoes we shall be together. :)