V-Team and the Olive Tree

Olive Tree Photography.  You need to know about it.  Cassidy Nettles is a gifted photographer. She's only 18 and I haven't ever know anyone her age, with an eye like hers.   She recently did a photo shoot for my son Andrew and his fellow travelers, Evan and Christian.  They are in process of writing their round-the-world experiences in book form.  So she came over to capture some face shots for the project.    She's an up-and-comer in photography. I can't say enough.  I follow her blog pretty faithfully to see what she's up to.  Cassidy is just one of those girls that everybody loves. Really. Sweet.
So, go check out her blog and see her stuff.  www.olivetreephotos.blogspot.com
And, here's a small peek at some preliminary pix from her shoot with V-Team.

Olive Tree Photography
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