The Interviews.

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"9th Country -- The Interviews"

This week marked the last of "The Interviews."  Two nights of every week in my summer have been spent with V-Team. ( ) They have been documenting their global trip.  I'm managing the project as the interviewer/ writer.  For each Interview, we'd sit in the living room, and record a session of questions and answers about each of their 8 homes around the world.  Evan's Mom, Carie always provided snacks. Often, visiting friends came and sat in to listen.  Sometimes the sessions are taken in video.  Sometimes Andrew had to sit out and let Christian and Evan do the session.  (A couple weeks ago, Andrew was diagnosed with both Mono and Malaria. The guys renamed it "monolaria.") Twice, Cassidy Nettles came and caught the sessions in photo (all the pix in this post are hers).   And always, every single time, I would be surprised by something that was read out of a journal or spoken from their hearts. 
It has been an immense privilege to listen in on their memories and insights.   I am sad to lose my weekly appointments with those three men.  They have made me laugh ... and listen.  I have been challenged to live my faith larger ways, by their words and lives.  They aren't who they were when they left on that trip. The Interviews have really captured the change.
Over the next two years, I will be taking their experiences and working them into a book.  The working title is "The 9th Country."  But that may change.  The market will be Juvenille/Teen Non-Fiction.   Contacts will be made with bands like Switchfoot and Thrice to see if they will partner with the project.  V-Team's host organizations will probably be included. Magazine articles will be submitted.  Excerpts of "The Interviews" will be posted on their blog.  And ... really... who knows what God has in store with any of those plans?  I surely don't.  And I'm open to none, or all of it.   We're just following this path to see where it goes. And, of course I'll keep you posted.
In the meantime, one large part of the 9th Country project has come to a close.  The Interviews will be transcribed and edited.  Each guy will have his own copy of the words and memories they all shared as they sat on the couch in our living room -- experiences they saved, before they all head out in different directions across the country, to make new chapters of their own.  Even if all those hours only amount to their own personal debriefing, articulating, and absorbing what they lived, then, to me, that's all worth it. 
It's been a joy. 



Laura said...

i can't wait to read these interviews in print! exciting to see what God may do with it . . .