Drying Out

The cat started to do that familiar gagging noise. He was right by my computer, hunched over in the middle of the only exit from my home office space. His hairball hurl was happening. I couldn't do anything about it. Some things just have to play out. Dogs need to be allowed to sniff each other. The diaper needs a couple more seconds to be completely filled. The broken sewer has to somehow stop flooding the basement.  Sometimes, there's nothing to do but wait helplessly and hope it's not going to be too gross.  

It was. The puddle of yellow drippy grassy vomit mess is now cleaned up. It took some doing.  It's gone. But, all day I have been stepping in or around that very soggy spot on the floor. I have no choice. The scene of the crime is in a high traffic area.  It's the only way out of my office. Everytime I step away from my computer, I step into that spot.  All day, I've been reminded about what happened. 

Today's Hurling Take Away
Spewage has a cost. I'm thinking about people-things that get spewed -- things like anger, withheld honesty, jealousy, insecurity.  Sometimes it doesn't go well. Involuntarily vomitting-up unsettling things can leave an unplanned mess -- especially if it happens in a place where we work and walk.  Try as we may to clean up the surface,   time needs to pass until every step isn't a soggy reminder of the incident.  I think grace and truth are the air that dries the spot.

There are some things in life that just need to come up,  be mopped up, and allowed some time to dry out.    It's true.


sibbi yarger said...

Come quickly, sweep steadily, O Breeze of grace and truth - I so need your healing and restoration.

Anonymous said...

Well this one reason why I don't have animals- a big one- I don't do BARF!! BUT I do like the rest of the message and I so get it! I need to remember this esp. at school with young lives at stake and modeling what we want them to be like!! Peggy S.

Kleigh said...

I have great respect for your no-animals policy. Especially at times like this! : )

'love the Breeze of Grace & Truth thought!