Summer Wine

Bono and Cash.

The song, "Summer Wine," was originally recorded back in 1967. This 2002 version of the song is sung by celtic rock singer Andrea Corrs, and Bono. Bono sings it like Johnny Cash.

I've come to really like Johnny Cash. His life with June Carter Cash was a wild ride. John was the Man in Black. June was a singer songwriter. Both, were people of faith. Their marriage was a long hard walk out of the devastation of infidelity and addiction, into a tough and redeemed love. After a rich life together, they both died in 2003, just three months apart. And I'll probably write about them again sometime.

Anyhow, this isn't even a John & June Cash song. There's just something about the way the song is sung that just looks and feels like the romance of them ... only better ... in a Bono-fied kind of way. And I like it.


Sue said...

Hey Kel--Johnny Cash did a movie in the 70's on the life of Jesus called The Gospel Road. Although there are some admittedly cheesy parts, the scene where the woman caught in adultery is brought before Jesus has changed the way I think about that incident forever. Put The Gospel Road on your Netflix list.


Kleigh said...

Will do!
Thanks for the suggestion, Miss Sue!