The Other Blog. Today's post is a shameless pitch for my other blog. I want you to go check it out and tell other people about it. 'Godspot' was dormant in May but is back up and running for the summer. It's geared to people who are looking for a fresh start with God. Godspot is about the bottom line beliefs of Jesus Following people. It's mainly a video-blog of a variety of great thinkers and authentic people of faith. It's got answers, but it also has questions, because both are important.

Sometimes it's really difficult, if not impossible, to find real answers about faith in a 'religious' setting. It's hard to step into a weekly culture that often has its own language and odd rules. Faith can be confusing. Hypocritical religious people can be infuriating. But it doesn't have to be that way. The first step is actual conversation with a friend that you trust. A friend who has a life that exhibits an honest faith worth pursuing. So, Godspot is a larger place to start the necessary conversation -- for people who don't have an available friend to ask.

A lot of my favorite time in a week is spent with friends who don't believe what I believe. I facilitate groups that are specifically for people who don't want to go to church, but do want to start a conversation about faith. I love those conversations. Because spiritually seeking people are looking for something deep and personal. My seeking friends challenge me about my own faith. And I learn a lot about God in the process. He really does pursue personal relationship with people. People matter to God. I've seen Him reveal Himself in wildly varied and intimate ways. There's a God quote in the Bible that says, "You will find me when you seek me with all your heart." It's true. It really is.

So, why "Godspot?" Some of my cool artist friends got to using the term to describe a certain kind of personal space. It's the kind of place you go when you're looking to get focused, or find answers in life. Since we live in the mountains, we'd choose a godspot with with a great view. But wherever it is, yours is a spot that you go alone, and return to; a place that leads you to think larger, to stop, breathe, and pray. That's the kind of place we named a "Godspot."

I've since come to find out, it's also a theater word. A "godspot" is a stage lighting effect. The effect is created using a powerful spotlight placed directly above the stage shining almost straight down. The light is bright white and is usually directed downwards to hit a single actor, or a huddled group, or nothing. Usually there is some mysterious dry-ice smoke swirling down on the stage and through the beams of light. The effect is meant to suggest that God is present and directly watching the scenes proceeding below.

I like to think the blog is a stage with a spotlight that suggests God is present and powerful. This Godspot is a place with a view to return to; a place to stop, breathe, and think larger... about real life faith, and the questions and struggles that come with it.

Go browse. Comment. Ask questions.
Most of all, spread the word.
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