A few weeks ago, I was walking the perimeter of my gardens, peering down at brown twigs and dirt, hoping for growth. And sure enough, it happened. Green is slowly replacing brown. There is obvious life emerging in this space.

The small green explosion in my yard now leads me to repeat the blooming thought that whispered to me when the garden was only frost and cold earth. Today, if you're like me, and there is something in your life which desperately needs resurrection, the general revelation in my garden is beckoning us to believe: There is a Being who brings forth new life in old stems. It quietly repeats itself in nature as something trustworthy and faithful.

So, today I'll speak for the silent soil of a blooming garden. This I believe:
There is perennial reason to hope. God has to ability to resurrect lost beauty. He will bring life from the dirt; And this not an 'if', but a 'when.'

Happy June.