Summer's Gift

Today was the last day of school here in our little town. It was a half-day. This afternoon, streams of children and teens filled the sidewalks and parks in a rainy day of school's-out activities. At around 1:30, Lucas (11) was ready to ask me what was for dinner when he realized that he still had the rest of the day left. He sighed with relief.
Normally, his only 'free' time is the short sliver of hours before breakfast and after school. He measures those minutes like gold, and hates to have to do anything that uses his time up. Heaven forbid someone should ask him to go along to the grocery store or take a long drive during 'his' time. Isaac (13) has explained very clearly that he considers school to be his 'day job.' His better life happens when he leaves those doors. School is a thief of all things outdoors and imaginative. School hours gobble up time. So, the biggest gift of the last day of school came out with the sigh, "Now I don't have to worry about my time anymore. I have more time!"
There is absolutely no reason to warn them that they are already running out of their few childhood summers full of open spaces and free time. They'll find out soon enough. We all do. In the meantime, happy summer vacation! Enjoy the time.


Kimleonard said...

And what a gift that time is! I feel so bad for my kids, that life continues to be pretty scheduled through the summer... maybe I should send them to you!

Kleigh said...

I'd love for you to send them to me!!! But your point is about time -- and I'm not thinking anybody at your house is complaining about going to LEGO CAMP or the big family reunion. That's total non-school summer happiness, regardless of how it's scheduled. Woo hoo!