Dripping Castles

There are many methods of sand castle construction. Scooping. Elaborate Sculpting. Free Forming. Bucket Dumping. My sons do the Drip Method. It's an artform passed down from Steve. Our last castle event happened while we were at the Great Sand Dunes. The guys all situated themselves along a snowmelt stream which flows heavily through the dunes in early spring and summer, then disappears into the hot sands of July. It was a perfect day for building sand in the sun and water.

Dripping Castles require a certain wet mix of water and sand which, when poured through the thumb and forefingers at precisely the right angle, creates a structure that looks like something emerged from middle earth. I have not mastered the Drip Castle. But I absolutely love collecting foundation rocks, and watching the guys build. It's has been many summers of Dripping Castles together. And my husband and sons have yet to outgrow the hours consumed by this shoulder-to-shoulder creating. For me, it's the best of all spectator sports!


Anonymous said...

This is filling me with such an enormous longing!! And to think the water will be gone in a few short weeks!! Wonder if I can convince the boys in my life to run away....?

Kleigh said...

Go, go, go!!!
: )