Practically Speaking. Our counter fills with cups over the summer. Tall glasses, plastic tumblers, and drinking cups empty out of the cupboards, then they park together patiently on the counter, waiting for the dishwasher. With so many family and friends here at home, it's hard to keep track of whose glass is whose. In order to avoid germ sharing, new glasses are constantly being pulled out, just in case. So... this summer's solution is clothes pins with names. I got a pack of small pins so there are extras for cousins and friends.
Disclaimer: Do not attempt to drink with the clothes pin still attached to the rim. Even though it's really kind of funny to watch, I feel compelled to warn you: The clothes pins make it impossible to drink from the glass and are perfectly situated to poke an eyeball while you try. Leave the pins by the sink or dishwasher. : )


Chuck J said...

We use "charms" (usually unused pins and brooches) on cloth napkins to similar effect. Hate those paper napkins - and good for the planet too.

Kleigh said...

I usually prefer paper napkins b/c I hate washing the other kind... but hmmm... you've got me thinking, Chuck. Good idea.