Today's Snapshot

Looking out my window on Forest Hill.

This is Pikes Peak in April. Look at the top. There is a long level area under the cloud. Somewhere on the farthest left of that flat space (before the top starts to curve & slope down again ) is where the Pikes Peak Highway stops, and the Cog Railway stops, and Barr Trail stops. And most importantly, where pretty much everybody stops to catch their breath and grab a donut and hot chocolate at the Summit House. We can see it best from here at night. There is a single light way up there, like a little star pointing to where the donut house sits. I love that little night light. And this snow sure is spectacular. But right now, I'm more concerned about whether or not any flowers are going to come up under all this snow. Good grief.

Today's Free Traveler's Tips:
In case you're traveling this way this summer, and are planning to tackle Pikes Peak ...
It's a big day getting to the top of Pikes Peak if you're driving or riding. It's a bigger day to hike it. A lot of people underestimate how long it is to hike down the mountain. It doesn't look so far when you're up top. So they get dropped off up top, then attempt to hike down. Tourists without any acclamation, often get pooped-out or stranded on their way down, and have to be rescued. So, gather all sorts of information before you go. And no matter which means you choose, take lots of water to drink. You'll be glad you did! I promise.
The Cog Railway
Pikes Peak Highway
Hiking Barr Trail


Sherri (Serene Journey) said...

Hi Kleigh,

Beautiful picture! Colorado is one of the many places I would love to visit in the US. I've only heard great things about it and from your picture here it's clearly beautiful!
Thank you for including us on your list of favorite blogs. It makes me happy to know you enjoy our site.

All the best,