Lessons from the Vacuum

In the Office.

I decided to tackle the dust in and around my computer. While suctioning the keyboard, my vacuum sucked up the Control button. All that was left behind was a little tiny post and a space where the "Cntrl" key had been. It was grabbed and sucked up before I could even blink, much less figure out what had happened. I had to completely disassemble my vacuum canister and sift through a house-load accumulation of dog hair and grey dust. Eww. No control. I had to pull off the long flexible tube and push a wire hanger through it. No control. Finally I held up the silver tube thingy and looked into it like a telescope. Sure enough. The little black Ctrl button was jammed in the elbow of the tube. After a few smacks, it fell out.
I am sure there is a great metaphor to be spun from the loss and reclamation of "control" while vacuuming. Sadly, I don't have time to figure it out and write it. So, the best I can do is offer a quick, if not silly, moral to the story.

Today's Life Lesson from the Vacuum:
"If you lose control while you're working, sometimes you just have to go back and track down where it got lost. And sometimes, the only hope of reclaiming any control in life, is a willingness to embrace the mess and sift through your own accumulated junk."


Teresa said...

This is beyond hilarious.

justplainann said...

so....when do i ever think i have control?? God shows me over and over i don't. sigh. thanks for all the encouraging comments you have left for me! they mean alot!!
love you, ann