A Lifted Haze

Spring Break has arrived. That means I finally have a moment sit down and admit it's been too long. This blog has been beckoning, and I've been ignoring -- running after the million other little things that hollered louder for my attention. Rats. 'Makes me think of the lyrics from this 3 Doors Down song:
All these little things in life they all create this haze
There’s too many things to get done, and I’m running out of days
Will all these little things in life, they all create this haze
My friend, tell me why it has to be this way.
~3 Doors Down, Running out of Days.
I'm shaking off the haze from all the little things today. Instead, significant things about sons:
Lucas (11) informed me the other night, as he was laying in bed with a book, surrounded by his family of stuffed white tigers that, "I just don't talk to them the same way anymore." He went on to explain how he doesn't 'see' them anymore. They aren't 'alive' very often anymore. And he summed it up as possibly being due to having more 'real' friends, and a now, a real dog. And in that, I saw again, the richness of a young child's imagination fading with age. I wish the inevitable arrival of life's reality wouldn't steal away invisible friends. But it does. Like Christopher Robin and the House at Pooh Corner, it happens to us all. I'll miss the white tiger family being alive on his bunk.
Isaac (13) has decided (entirely apart from school) to put cuttings of various plants in neatly labeled clear glass jars. He has started a journal to map their growth in a notebook. The notebook has been soggy however, and Isaac has deemed the cat as possessed-by-Satan for constantly knocking over his water-filled jars full of tender roots. Who knew this botanical interest was sprouting up in him? Since Kitty also gets into wild & random scratch-and-bite outbursts -- directed only at Isaac -- I'm not real hopeful for a truce between the two.
Tyler (17) is getting his license this week. This means a new season of freedom and responsibility for him. Ty has an ability to be very focused on one thing. He is hard-wired to have laser focus, on one thing at a time. He is precise and accurate at any singular assignment he has. He is a great student because of this. However, this ability makes driving in a city full of many many many different things to focus on ... um ... well... sometimes it made last year's Learner's Permit experience a real white-knuckle adventure.
Andrew (19) comes home tomorrow. After traveling around the world, many months away, with Christmas, birthday, and 3 seasons gone by, he will be back with us. He will not be the same. We know this. We expect it. And we will embrace whatever change he brings after the long absence. It will be pure joy to see 4 brothers reunited. I can't type it without crying. Tomorrow will be a very good day.
No more haze of small things. No more things to get done. We've run out of days. Tomorrow is upon us. And tomorrow, is a very big day, indeed.


justplainann said...

So excited for you, for your family that Andrew is returning home TOMORROW!!! wow. i am prayin - oh so many - things for you. sleep/rest for tonite to prepare you for the big day, and for all the lies ahead in days to come. wisdom/grace for acclimation as your family adjusts back to 4 boys - for Andrew will indeed be different...in many ways.
absorbtion for you to take it all in to later sit with and ponder in your heart, to treasure and keep.
protection from jealousy as there will so many who want to take Andrew's time, energy -that you will be able to share him with joy.
and lastly i am praying for the unknown to support and love you from far away - that He will give you all that you need during this amazing time! the fullness of what He is giving you right now is just - wow! - awesome. Enjoy my dear friend. i love you.

Anonymous said...

what a great meaningful post--a sum up on the changes in all of your young men. so excited for you guys for tomorrow. what a reunion that will be!!! love yall, Laura P