Art Everywhere

mixed media
K. Leigh

Today's installment of "Art Everywhere" literally was art everywhere in my house. The picture (above) is a mural I produced for a friend. It is now installed at Insight Services, in downtown Colorado Springs, CO. However, before it found a new home on the wall of Jason Freisema's offices, it lived in pieces, and was assembled by the creativity of a little team of brains. I won't miss the piles of 1,000's of ripped magazine graphics strewn all over the living room, or the glue drips, or the sawdust. But it sure was fun and gratifying to see it all come together and become a fixture in a waiting room.

My 17 year old son, Ty, designed the shape and dimensionality of this 4 ft x 8 ft piece. And I'm really proud of his eye both for art in public spaces, and architectural lines. When he was in 7th grade, he designed the art which is suspended in our church foyer. (It is a flock of wire birds flying high in a large vaulted area). He's one to follow as he pursues his passion for engineering, design, and architecture. If you're in Colorado Springs, stop by the office, look around. There's also a poster I did a few years back, on the adjacent wall. Jason has put this little gallery in his office, and it makes me chuckle because I have real honest-to-goodness professional artist friends who actually have their stuff in real galleries. They graciously humor my occasional novice projects. Anyhow, you can go see it, too, only if you remember this isn't my day job. And, while you're there, see how many hidden pictures you can find in this "Insight" wall art!

Check out the assembly pictures and production credits below ...
Thanks for making a little "K. Leigh Gallery," Jason!
'Very awesome of you. :)
In need of addiction counselling or family therapy?
Insight Services 115 East Costilla, Colorado Springs, CO

Check out the website for contact information --
and, less importantly, to see more pix of their waiting-room art!


Print Graphic Collage: Kelley Leigh
Design: Ty Leigh
Frame Assembly and Mounting Process: Steve Leigh & Jason Friesema
Graphic Ripping and Base Painting: Isaac & Lucas Leigh
"Helpers": Noah and Kezie Friesema


Anonymous said...

How fun to take a bunch of medium sized pieces, tear them up into teensy tiny peices, and then stick them together again into something giant and beautiful! Well done, KJL and friends!

Kimleonard said...

That is SO. Cool. Nice work Kel & Ty. (Yes indeed, he is one to watch!)

Laura said...

love how it turned out!! brilliant. and i LOVE how you engaged your entire family in the process. what a rich experience for you and the boys . . .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your hard work on this amazing project. It is a privilege to display your art here at the Kleigh Gallery.

Anonymous said... your description and pictures from your art journey. What a privilege for us to have such gifted friends willing to share their blessings with us!!

Trish :O)