The Things We Say

There are sentences you never would imagine coming out of your mouth as a mother.
Things like:
  • "Because I said so."
  • "Go get a frozen mouse out of the freezer and feed the snake."
  • "Why are there 11 white dirty socks in the TV room right now?!"
  • "Yes, it is very very cool. But it's also important NOT to light the wet spray paint on your skateboard and watch it burn in cool patterns. Just because. That's why."
  • "Do you think it's a good idea to pull the sleds behind the ATV... really?"
  • "We accidentally left our son at the car dealership."
  • "Today we're going rock climbing."
  • "I can feel the drums downstairs vibrating my feet through the kitchen floor."
  • "Put ice on that paint-ball bruise."
  • "Can anyone hear me? Am I audible?"
  • "That's an awesome catapult."
  • "So, will anyone get hurt on these ziplines?"
  • "Please bring the duct-tape weapons in out of the yard."
  • "Aim the potato gun for the forest!"
  • And..."My son is riding an elephant in the forest of Thailand today."
You never know what a day will bring. 'True that.

(Pictured Above: Andrew Leigh on an elephant, in Thailand, near the border of Burma)


Diana said...

How true, how true! The things uttered by mothers--no one but another mom can understand. How funny are those. I get it!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why, but I have always been somewhat captivated by elephants, and I am fairly smitten with the pics coming from the V-team!

Surely that pic would warrant some sort of comment like, "NO, you can't keep it!"

Sue the sister-in-law said...

Kelley--Don't forget the things we wanted to say, like. . .

What I said,
"I'll bet you're disappointed that Sam doesn't want to hang out with you anymore."

What I wanted to say, "So long, Sam. No more sleepless nights for me. I'll watch for your appearance on 'America's Most Wanted.'"

What I said,
"I'm sorry you didn't do so well on the test. What do you think went wrong?"

What I wanted to say,
"Maybe texting your friends and watching Sponge Bob reruns while you studied wasn't such a good idea."

What I said,
"You look nice."

What I wanted to say,
"You look pretty much the same as you did when you entered the bathroom 2 1/2 hours ago."

What I said,
"I Love You."

What I wanted to say,
"I Love You."

Kleigh said...

Wow... great comments! Thanks for making me chuckle!