Long story short ... my son and his two team mates were surprised by a gift in Thailand. Upon their arrival at the Hostel in Bankok, they were met in the lobby, by close friend, and pastor from Woodland Park, Colorado. Matt Parker is now traveling with Andrew, Christian and Evan. They are on a wild adventure, after spending time in Chang Mai, they are now headed up into the remote areas of northern Thailand. They will be riding elephants this week, Christian will be baptized in a river ... and who knows what else.

Here's what Christian Outlaw had to say about the surprise:

"Matt Parker met us at the HQ hostel in Bangkok, Thailand wednesday morning. As he walked down the stairs with a camera and hugged us, we were in disbelief. Throughout this world trip we will constantly see people's "twins" - Indians or Brasillians or Germans that look like our friends. And as matt came up to us we unanimously said that it was a false image. A "matt" twin. I didn't even respond for the first few minutes-- and it took the whole day for it to sink in. immediately we went to a really nice coffee shop, had frappucinnos and went through the notes and letters from family and friends. Thank you so much for sending those along with matt! As our social skills slowly came back to us, we talked about the miracles we had seen, and were beside ourselves with excitement that we had our best friend here. We also had another opportunity to meet up with Kelsey Pazera and her friends (from Colorado) she was traveling with. Here we enjoyed our first Thai lunch with this group of friends. It felt like a dream. We were around American's first off, and people we knew! We were feeling ready to step into a castle on Venus filled with penguins, the way this was going."

Below, find a video clip from Matt. It is him, waiting for the boys. He got so excited that the moment of surprise is lost in much random camera shaking, greetings and hugs. 'Totally understandable! It was a happy reunion. They will be traveling together for two weeks, until the Team departs for New Zealand, and Matt heads back to the States.
Godspeed, boys.

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