Over 12 million people have already seen this youtube clip, so chances are good that you already have, too. But, I'm posting it because I love it. Otters are one of my favorite animals. Other animals just don't seem to enjoy themselvs like otters do. Otters play. They just go full speed ahead; 100% rest, 100% play. They are either on or off. And I know I'm being sappy, but it looks like they love every minute they have. At least it looks that way. I don't claim to know the emotional life of otters.

We all have friends that are otters in the way they do life. They are the kind of people that we love to be around. And maybe secretly I aspire to live a more otter-like life.

You don't need any sound for this video. Turn the sound off. (And, get ready to delete the new Google ad that now pops-up midstream on YouTube clips. Cursed commercialism). In any case, just enjoy this simple otter moment ...


Laura Parker said...

how cute is that! i think i want to be 100% play or 100% sleep too. can i get some of that?