Note to Self

I just got off the phone with Andrew. He is spending his last day in India, with Evan and Christian, and their hosts, the Rebba family. Tomorrow, they depart for Bankok. It was great to hear his voice; and better to hear his words. His life is filling-up with a world full of people. He mentioned several new friends, of wildly varying ages, who are all quietly heroic people of faith. He now knows photographers, musicians, micro-enterprise philanthropists, humanitarians who build bridges for unreached people groups, evangelists, orphanage directors, doctors, missionaries, pilots ... it astounds me. And he doesn't want to make a big deal of it. It just is. Two things he said stayed with me after our phone call. I jotted them down as he was speaking; One, is a small world miracle; the other, a profound thought for the day.
Small world. In the course of traveling between villages with his Team, and a man named Francis Rebba, Andrew came upon a piece of his family. Apparently, the pastor of a small rural Indian church told the guys a story of healing. Years ago, that man had been a mute -- unable to speak. But, a visitor from the United States passed through his village. The visitor was a Jesus Follower, a preacher and believer. In a gathering of people, the Mute man had gone forward, and the Visitor had laid hands on him in prayer. After an anointing of oil, and prayer for healing, the mute man spoke! He was healed. His freedom led him to become a man of faith, and a teacher. He speaks words of Jesus now. And the man, the Visitor that God's Spirit used to heal the Mute man was Art Gay. Art Gay is my Dad -- Andrew's Grampa. Half way across the world, in a country that contains over a billion people, Andrew 'bumped into' a man who had been healed, by God's Spirit, through the prayer of Andrew's Grampa. Mind-boggling. Miraculous.
Profound. The Team had significant conversations with another man. Bob Nelson was in India for a short time, doing work with IREF. Bob is in his 70's. He travels and speaks worldwide. He is a long-ago Wheaton College grad, whose close friends were Nate Saint and Jim Elliot. Their story is told in the book, "Through Gates of Splendor," by Elisabeth Elliot, and in the movie, "End of the Spear" by Steve Saint. Bob chose not to go on their deadly trip to Ecuador in 1956. But the martyr of his friends changed his life. And now, he has seasoned credibility.
Andrew got to talk to Bob, about life, travel, and faith. Andrew told me that he's been learning a lot about prayer as he goes from place to place and is asked to intercede for people. And he said that Bob handed him this golden nugget -- which spoke right to the subject. Roughly, he said something like:

If you want to live a life for Christ, you have to pray... you have to be in prayer all the time.

It keeps ringing in my head: Pray. That's what it means to live a life for Jesus. That's where the miraculous power to heal comes from.

And, for me, it points back to a common sense notion. If we're not talking to someone, we aren't in relationship with them, and they can't speak into our lives. We can't be led, empowered, healed, directed or changed by someone we're not talking to... so ...

Note to Self: Have the conversation. Talk to God. Listen. "If you want to live a life for Christ, you have to pray." Period. End of sentence.

And, those are today's good words, from the other side of our very small world.


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Laura Parker said...

what a powerful conversation. so glad you got to have. incredible story about your dad!! what an amazing gift for your son to see the legacy left by your father. beautiful. and loved the quote from Bob, too. thanks for sharing.