Will Dave Appear?

Tonight's Concert.
Our family is going to see Tim Reynolds at Colorado College this evening. He's a killer guitar player and studio musician. Tim also plays duo with Dave Matthews. They are old friends. We are very big Dave Fans. And even though we know better, Steve and I are secretly hoping that Dave will just show up at this little venue tonight, to play with his friend. And, in turn, I will freak out and be ecstatic because I've never seen Dave. Chances are not good. And we will have a blast with Ty, Lucas, and Isaac in any case. But... there's always a little room to hope. And I'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

pssst...this has nothing to do with Dave's possible appearance...just wanted to say that I love your new header!!

sharon said...

Hi Kelley. Did Dave appear? I just want tell you that I really appreciate you. Your words and insights bless me every time I see you...and now when I read your blogs! Sharon