Our Own Biggest Loser

"The Biggest Loser" has taken America by storm. NBC now claims 11 million viewers each Tuesday night, as contestants battle to drop weight and change their lives. Together, teams lose weight through customized fitness plans, nutrition guidance, and die-hard personal trainers, Bob and Jillian. Week after week, bodies morph and lives are changed. The contestant that ultimately loses the most weight in a season is the big winner or "The Biggest Loser." And, viewers are encouraged to participate via the web: http://www.blogger.com/www.thebigestloserclub.com This show has inspired many people to lose big on their own. And today, I want you to meet someone who has personally taken on this brave challenge.

My friend Cori entered a local Colorado "Biggest Loser" competition. She has changed her work schedule for 8 weeks so that she can focus on life change. I want you to have a chance to meet Cori and cheer her on. We will walk with her as she tries to lose big. Below, find and article from the local paper which profiles Cori's quest. And, since Cori is a faithful blog reader of "The Spill" you can cheer her on by leaving a comment for her!

Go Cori Freed!!! We're cheering you on ... thanks for the inspiration!

Cori Freed
From the Colorado Community Newspapers,
two weeks ago...

"Freed, a postal worker in Divide, said just the word “diabetic” was enough to motivate her into a lifelong change. At 37 years old, Freed stepped on a scale and saw the number 280 staring back.
Freed, in her application letter, wrote that she had always seen weight as an issue, even as a child.“I remember weighing over 100 pounds at age 11,” her letter to the Courier stated. “I was the last kid to get picked for games and sports in school, my friendships were few. Fried meat, potatoes, gravy, and maybe a vegetable and always a clean plate were meals. Cookies, candy and sugar always. I didn’t grow up in an active home. In middle school I played Volleyball for two years, but was forbidden to play in high school. I discovered Pepsi, sometimes drinking a six-pack a day. I was over 200 pounds on graduation day and already on medication for high blood pressure.”Freed said she spent so much time looking after the loved-ones in her life, her own well being took a backseat.“Until seven years ago, I have worked two jobs and been the caretaker for my Mom and Grandma. I took care of friends, family, etc, but not myself. I was a workaholic, mostly to stay busy and not wanting to deal with life. I ate between jobs and whatever I could buy or cook quickly.”Freed did have some success on her own. She joined Take Off Pounds Sensibly, lost about 20 pounds and began playing volleyball during lunch. Ten years ago she came within 5 pounds of her graduation weight.“I am now married with a 3-year-old son,” Freed wrote to the Courier. “Twelve months ago, my second pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. The doctor mentioned diabetic and metabolic syndrome. I was shocked and devastated. Where did diabetes come in? … I am scared to death of “Diabetic.” After a thorough test, I am not diabetic, but a candidate for pre-diabetic. I changed my diet, making more healthy and sensible choices, and drinking diet soda. I have tried new healthier foods. This past summer, I completed two 5 K walks under my goal of 55 minutes. I have lost almost 30 pounds this year. But I seem to be stuck.”Freed said she wants “to be healthy and fit for the first time in my life. I dream of more children, running a 5 K and marrying my husband again, this time in a little white dress.”

And this is yesterday's newspaper clip about Cori:

As readers pick up this week’s Courier, participants in Resolution: Mass Control will be in the middle of their third week of training with Cord Prettyman of Absolute Fitness and Ann Bunge of Woodland Fitness. Cori Freed, set aside her initial nervousness along with 9.5 pounds. She said, even her 3-year-old son is seeing the example his mom has set.

“He went to preschool the other day and tried to round all the kids up and tell them they need to exercise,” she said. “The teachers couldn’t wait to tell me.”

The aerobic, stretching and weight-lifting regiment conducted by Prettyman and Bunge have all Mass-Controllers surprised by their performances. Freed is no exception. “It’s exceeding [expectations],” she said. “If I keep at this pace, I could lose close to 30 pounds by the time this is over, but I’m shooting for 25.”

Each day, Freed said, she’s able to go a little harder than the workout before. As to whether she can sustain this pace even after the trainers have left her side, Freed said that is her goal.
“I want [working out] to be a permanent fixture in my life,” she said. “But know I still have a whole lot to learn.” She said the trainers and her fellow participants take some of the edge off of the competitive environment; joking around isn’t uncommon, after all, laughter is a great way to burn calories.
Her least favorite part?
“Sore muscles,” Freed said. “But that’s getting better.”

Her trainers aren’t the only ones offering motivation, though.
“I’ve gotten a lot of support from people who have read the story [in the Courier] who have come up to me in the gym or work and [encouraged] me. …This is an awesome opportunity.”


Cool. Watch for more progress ... and leave a comment for Cori!


Anonymous said...

Cori, I don't know you but DON'T STOP! Press on, press on.
-Adina in WP

Laura Parker said...

Hi Cori, we met at the gym with Kelli the other day. Just wanted to say, keep it up! It's fun to see results--so much more motivating. I'm pulling for you! So awesome that your three year old was teaching his classmates about working out. I love it! Best wishes! Laura