I Fixed the Comment Thing!

My sister Kim is the smart one.
She works for a brainy research company, Cutter Consortium, in the Boston area. (http://www.cutter.com/ ) More importantly, she's the Mom to Julie and John. And ever since Kim was really small she could read at, like, the speed of sound. And, she's like a living Google search engine. You need it? She'll find it. So naturally she's the one who helps me figure out things that don't even occur to me. This time, it benefits you!
It has been very tricky for a lot of you to leave 'Comments' on this blog. (Thank you to those of you who have gone around the system to communicate with me). But NOW, thanks to Kim, I pushed a couple buttons, and now anyone can comment!! So, feel free to participate in the conversation. I'd love to hear from you! Comment away...

Thanks, Kim.


Anonymous said...

OK!!! Way to go Kim! Conversation and interaction are valuable beyond what we know...so thankful!