A Bloggish Field Trip

Today, we're taking a little blog field trip. Let's pretend I'm Mr. Rogers and I've finished changing my shoes and sweater. The opening song is done. You've agreed to be my neighbor. The fish have been fed. And now, we're going to visit someone in the neighborhood.

My friend Laura Parker writes a blog called, "Cereal for Dinner." This week she wrote something that I highly recommend for you to read. The post is called "Fireproof: Slow Fade." It's about marriage, and sushi, and potentially cheesy movies that turn out to have meaning ... and what it means to fight the inevitable fade and atrophy that can happen in relationships, little by little, year by year. Because, "People never crumble in a day."

Let's go on a little blog walk. And while you're there, browse the whole site.

Click the link:
Cereal for Dinner