African Christmas Eve

Pictures from Uganda.

Today we talked to Andrew at length. All 5 of us huddled around the phone and heard him quietly talk about
his battle with malaria, killing a cobra,
riding on a two story bus at crazy speed, killing his first chicken for dinner,
seeing elephants and giraffes up close,
living in a hut,
and for Christmas he will be bungee jumping and whitewater rafting on the Nile River.

(Left: Christian, Andrew, and Evan.)

In all of that, something was evident. He is being deeply changed. He has words to say about God that I don't even recognize as his own. He says that life in Uganda given him a new understanding. His voice came out of the tiny speaker on the phone, and Andrew said, "I know what it means when God says, 'I've got my hand on you -- you don't have to worry.' And I don't have the same fear anymore." He went from asking "Why am I afraid? If God promised, why am I afraid?" to saying boldly, with a new sort of freedom "If God wants me to die, I will die. If He doesn't, I won't."

Hmmm... maybe I need to go to Africa and learn those things. In any case, today's phone call was the perfect gift for a far-away Mom. Here are a couple pictures of their adventure.

Merry Christmas Eve.

Their Hut Home @ Canaan Farm (below)

Christian and Andrew teaching a Bible study on the book of John, with friends.

African Sunset.


Laura Parker said...

so glad you got a chance to talk to him! i know it is a bitter sweet thing, but so glad you got to connect via the phone and with the whole family. what a gift.