The other blog. It's up and running ... finally, after sitting stale for, like, 2 years.
Godspot is a very specifically focused blog. It is all about accessible Christian Spirituality. Faith. It is the result of several years of doing conversation and groups with spiritually seeking people who don't typically choose to go to church but want to check out Jesus.
It's important to have engaging conversation about faith. And it's really hard to find resources and places to check out faith, that aren't also somehow doing a very hard sales pitch.
At the beginning of a new group, I ask this question: "How do you feel when someone starts talking about faith?"
Holy Cow, when non-churchy people have a chance to answer this question honestly, they let it rip. And consistently, there are some answers that are full of hurt or anger. Somewhere, sometime, a well-meaning 'Christian' has let them have it. The floodgates have opened and hell and damnation came pouring out. Or, often spiritually seeking people will say, "No one has ever ASKED me about what I think... they just talk AT me." Or, they will describe conversations that sound exactly like the aggressively political conversations that I absolutely avoid like the plague. For a lot of genuinely seeking people, faith topics are like politics and are to be avoided like the plague... because faith is sometimes really hard to talk about.
So ... Godspot.
It's plain talk about pursuing faith. Nothing coercive or threatening. Just reasonable discussion about how to choose faith, and what Christian Spirituality is all about. Which, bottom line, is a lot of talk about Jesus.
If it's relevant to you, or someone that matters to you, please go check it out. Click on the link below. Bookmark it as a resource. And definitely shoot me some feedback! That'd be awesome!
GODSPOT the blog: